September 12, 2004

The front cover and spine of  our BME CD PAK.  Now you  know what it looks like - keep it handy!
Yes, its The Keyboard Wizard - Rick Wakeman.  Staying busy touring and scoring...
New teen phenom LINSDI WEAVER, produced by BME client Robert Ellis Orrall for Infinity Cat Records.  Move over Avril & Hilary...
Mark Slaughter tears it up!  Touring with Slaughter, producing new rock artists, writing TV cues and jingles, doing voiceovers for animated series...  What can he do for you?

Cowboy Mouth showing off their Southern Comfort sponsored tour bus.  ahhh ...  those New Orleans rockers sure know how to do it in style!


By now you should have received the handy BME CD Pak, which included the initial 3 CD's:  "Meet The Artists" (an overall artist/song sampler), along with the thematic CDs "Feels Like Summer" and "A Little Travelin' Music."
We would like to give a big THANKS to the great reception we received from many editors and mixers about the music package, and of course, an even bigger THANKS to those that have found our music useful to their projects (aka: licensed our songs!!).
As you (hopefully) now know from the BME Roster that accompanied your BME CD Pak mailing, our range of music includes superstars such as:
  • Yes keyboardist (and solo artist/composer) RICK WAKEMAN
  • hard rock stalwarts SLAUGHTER (as well as MARK SLAUGHTER for new rock songs/productions)
  • CALA RECORDS (whose classical music catalogues include performances the Royal Philharmonic, London Symphony, etc.)
  • JOE WOLFE (producer/writer/programmer for Earth, Wind & Fire, Lionel Ritche, and others)
  • New Orleans-based party rockers COWBOY MOUTH
  • UK-based Electronica/Dance label DYNAMIK MUSIC
  • and many more...
Our artists and songwriters have composed, written for, and/or performed for film and television projects ranging from The Bodyguard and Jason X to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and Freaky Friday, from Dragonball Z and the Animaniacs to the Queen Latifah Show and CMT's Greatest Road Trips.  Quite a range - from hip-hop to country, classical to heavy metal, film scores to television source music.
Don't hesitate to contact us with any needs you have:  From standard needs for source "hit" songs to off-the-wall requests (hey, we recently were able to fill editors' needs for a "Price is Right meets the Brady Bunch thing", as well as a "production sort-of-ala Massive Attack").
If you didn't receive your BME CD Pak, or if you need another copy, please let us know and we'll get it right to you!


As always, we live by our slogan: "Brewman Makes It Easy"
  • making the licensing process easy
  • helping you fill your needs
  • providing you with alternative mixes or versions of songs
  • providing access to our wide range of talented songwriters, producers, artists and labels
We’ll be sending out the next CDs for your compilation soon –
we’ll let you know when it hits the mail!
In the meantime...
call west coast vp Mason Cooper directly (818-470-1018)
to find out how you can have easy access to the music and talent from BME.
Whatever your needs, we’ll find the solutions for you.

Thanks…  Hope the bits and bytes are lining up for you!


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