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Talent/Client Roster

Songwriters – Producers – Artists

Chris Bennett (Manhattan Transfer, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Keb Mo)

Alan Brewer (Monty Python, Pete Townshend, Tokyo Pop, Come Early Morning, American Pastime)

Cowboy Mouth (recording artist, Cracker, Barenaked Ladies, ESPN, Three Doors Down)

Neil Herman (The Press, Capitol Records, Saturday Night Live, Nickelodeon)

Matt King (recording artist, Alison Krauss, David Wilcox, Kostas, Hootie & The Blowfish)

Harry Manfredini (score composer, Friday 13th, Jason X, Wishmaster, House, Aces: Iron Eagle III)

Gary Nicholson (artist/producer/writer, Delbert McClinton, Ringo Starr, Bonnie Raitt)

Robert Ellis Orrall (artist/producer/writer, Monkey Bowl, Freaky Friday, be your own pet)

Cedric Samson (Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Mandela and de Klerk, Phil Ramone)

The Scoldees (recording artist, Nancy Sirianni, Nancy Wilson, Howard Stern, E!TV)

Slaughter / Mark Slaughter (multi-platinum hard rock artist, soundtracks, producer)

Rich Snyder (Barbra Streisand, jazz artist)

Jennifer Nikole Spears (songwriter, recording artist, Gary Burr, Tina Shafer)

Rick Wakeman (YES, solo artist, keyboardist, composer, producer)

Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, The Bodyguard, Steve Winwood)

Joe Wolfe (Lionel Ritchie, Urban Nomad, Earth Wind & Fire, producer)

Labels - Publishers

Cala Music Inc. (Classical Music – London Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Mozart, Wagner)

Dynamik Records U.K. (Electronica/Dance/Re-mix label group)

Infinity Cat Records (Label – pop/rock/punk; Monkey Bowl, Lindsey Weaver, Jeff, Be Your Own Pet)

Sonic Voodoo Music Group (Label/Publisher – Mythic Films, Cormac Cleary)

Film/TV Production

City Productions Music - Australia (Production/Supervision – Danny Deckchair, The Cave)

Cloudland Filmworks (TV/Video Production Company - Dixie Chicks, Brian McKnight, Kelloggs, Viacom)

Crystal Lake Entertainment (Film Production Company - Friday 13th, Spring Break, Deep Star Six)

Mythic Films (Film & TV Producer/Director Ralph Hemecker – Witchblade, X-Files, Millennium)


**  BME represents both Publishing and Master Rights to most of its catalogues, and assists with any third-party clearance logistics and contacts as necessary.

Talent/Client Summary
Songwriters – Producers – Artists

Chris Bennett (Client - Artist, Songwriter, Producer)

Grammy-nominated Chris Bennett has become one of the most notable and active artists in the jazz-standards-pop fields today. From her early association with GIORGIO MORODER, she became the lead singer for the acclaimed band THE MUNICH MACHINE, co-wrote (with Moroder) the Grammy nominated film song “THEME FROM MIDNIGHT EXPRESS,” and recorded with DONNA SUMMER.  Jumping to a solo career as an artist/writer/producer, she has worked with the likes of KEB MO and LEON WARE, and has had her songs recorded by such superstars as TINA TURNER and THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER. Bennett’s recordings mix her original compositions with classic covers such as “Isn’t It Romantic,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Skylark” and more. In addition to offering her recordings for licensing, promoting the release of her new Christmas album, and preparing to record her newest studio album of new standards, Bennett is also focusing much of her energy on collaborating with Los Angeles’ top writer/producers and creating new music for stage, film and television projects.  (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Alan Brewer (Producer, Composer, Songwriter)

Industry veteran Alan Brewer has overseen artist recordings and film soundtrack projects in the studios of New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, London, Toronto, and Tokyo.  He has worked as a producer, mixer, musical director and/or collaborator with artists such as ERIC CLAPTON, PETE TOWNSHEND, RICK WAKEMAN, RUBEN BLADES, PHIL COLLINS, SISTER SLEDGE, CLARENCE CLEMONS, JEFF BECK, and the new CURB-ASYLUM RECORDS artist COWBOY CRUSH.  In 2005, Brewer composed and produced the original score for the feature film "COME EARLY MORNING" starring ASHLEY JUDD, written and directed by JOEY LAUREN ADAMS (“BIG DADDY,” “CHASING AMY”).  His music credits include Films/Soundtracks as diverse as “AMERICAN PASTIME,” DAVID BOWIE’S “ZIGGY STARDUST,” PAUL McCARTNEY’S “ROCKSHOW,” “B.C. ROCK,” “TOKYO POP,” “CROSSOVER DREAMS,” and “THE SECRET POLICEMAN’S PRIVATE PARTS,” and he has motion picture production credits with Miramax Films and Universal Pictures.  Brewer served as 2004-2005 Board President of the Nashville Film Festival, is a founding Board Member and Chairman of the Advisory Board for FilmNashville, and is a Board and Founding Council member of the Nashville Composers Association. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Cowboy Mouth (Client - Artist, Songwriter)

Hailing from New Orleans, taking their name from a SAM SHEPHARD play, and sponsored by SOUTHERN COMFORT, Cowboy Mouth “…is a rock and roll orgasm that dares to celebrate the fact that we’re all alive!” quotes lead singer/crazed drummer FRED LEBLANC.  These party rockers are often referred to as the Talking Heads meets Frank Zappa with a touch of irreverent Bob Seger-isms.  After releasing two albums on MCA and one on Atlantic, selling over a half-million CDs, writing with other major artists (i.e.: with Universal’s Pat Green for his current CD), being called on to create new music for various film projects, and playing up to 200 live dates per year (sharing the stage with BETTER THAN EZRA, CRACKER, BECK, MATCHBOX TWENTY and others), the band has taken control of the creative explosion they are enjoying.  BME is serving as the exclusive Film and Television creative and licensing representatives for Cowboy Mouth, whose songs have recently been tapped for uses on ESPN, FOX SPORTS, CMT/Viacom and the Outdoor Life Network, and who are currently writing and recording their next studio album.  (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Neil Herman (Songwriter)

With his initial professional gigs coming at the ripe old age of 14, guitar-playing Neil Herman soon formed his own band THE PRESS.  The band, which Herman played guitar and wrote songs for, was named best band in the Maryland/D.C. area and secured a record deal with CAPITOL RECORDS. With a number of singles released (produced by CRACK THE SKY’s JOHN PALUMBO) and an extensive tour schedule, Herman found his songs being recorded by other independent artists, with one song being tapped as the theme for major D.C. rock radio station 98 ROCK. Focusing on songwriting, he has gone on to win the BILLBOARD and ROCKY MOUNTAIN SONG CONTESTS, sign with music publisher BME, and have his songs appear on Saturday Night Live and Nickelodeon. Splitting his time between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville, Herman is enjoying collaborating with top songwriters and artists across the country. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Matt King (Staff Songwriter, Recording Artist)

With a style all his own, Matt King has inked a recording artist deal with Montage Music Group.  After a stint on Atlantic Records, King went back to his roots (he comes from the Hatfield clan, as in the HATFIELDS & McCOYS) to become one of the most unique singer/songwriters to emerge from Nashville in recent years. His sound and songs have been referred to as Bob Dylan meets Steve Earle, forging a style that mixes roots music and insightful lyrics, touching the hearts and souls of a crossbreed of listeners. He has written, recorded and performed with a wide range of artists including ALISON KRAUSS, EARL SCRUGGS, DAVID WILCOX, SNEAKY PETE, ROBERT EARL KEEN, JR. and HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH.  King, managed by TIM McFADDEN, is busily preparing his first Montage release.  Matt's roots orientation, musical edge and lyrical prowess have made him a popular call within the film and television industries, garnering a number of recent placements in various productions as a songwriter and recording artist. In addition, impressed with his unique production concepts, major labels in Nashville have recently begun to engage King to develop and produce other young artists. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)       Back to Top

Harry Manfredini (Score Composer)

Harry Manfredini has composed music for over fifty films, ranging from blockbuster feature films to award winning children’s films, and is best known for his groundbreaking thriller scores to most of the FRIDAY 13th film series (including the original “FRIDAY 13th“ and the recent “JASON X”).  A top call in the horror, thriller and suspense genres, Manfredini has worked with renowned directors and producers such as SEAN CUNNINGHAM, FRANK MANCUSO JR. and ARMAND MASTROIANNI, and for companies including PARAMOUNT PICTURES, NEW LINE CINEMA, CAROLCO PICTURES, and TOUCHSTONE PICTURES.  His genre-specific forte includes scoring work for pictures such as 1998’s #1 indie film “WISHMASTER,” 1999 #1 grossing indie pic “THE OMEGA CODE,” “ENDANGERED SPECIES” and “RAVEN,” and a new feature film, “CHOKER,” directed by NICK VALLELONGA.  Manfredini has also shown diversity by scoring such successful films as “DEEP STAR SIX,” “HOUSE,” and “ACES: IRON EAGLE III,” children’s classic films “CORDUROY,” “FROG GOES TO DINNER” and “A FISH FROM JAPAN,” and good time films “MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK” and “SPRING BREAK.”  BME, having first worked with Manfredini on the feature film “XCU: XTREME CLOSE-UP,” is consulting to Manfredini and his company Almaviva Music for new opportunities in film, television and commercial projects.  (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Gary Nicholson (Client – Songwriter, Producer)

Gary Nicholson, a Texas native, spent time in Los Angeles before setting new roots in Nashville, where he has become one of the most successful songwriters in the 1980’s, ‘90’s and 2000’s, receiving over two dozen ASCAP awards for his songs.  Nicholson’s career jump started early with two albums of his own songs, in a band that included recent Warner Bros. Record's president Jim Ed Norman on piano.  Since moving to Nashville, Nicholson’s stylistic reach has extended to Blues, Rock, Country and Folk, with a who’s who of artists recording his songs: Willie Nelson, Dixie Chicks, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Emmylou Harris, BB King, Etta James, The Blues Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Ringo Starr, Robert Plant, Del McCoury, Patty Griffin… just to name a few!!  Nicholson is also a renowned producer, handling duties for rockin’ country/blues legend Delbert McClinton and new country artist Jessi Alexander.  His songs have appeared in films including "Urban Cowboy," "Major League," "Message in a Bottle," "Happy Texas,” "Where the Heart Is," and "Serving Sara."  BME will be expanding Nicholson’s opportunities in the Film and Television markets as a songwriter and producer, as well as for licensed uses of his catalogue of songs and masters. (Publishing Controlled; Many Masters Controlled)   Back to Top

Robert Ellis Orrall (Client - Recording Artist, Producer)

Robert Ellis Orrall has had Top 40 hits as a solo artist on the pop and country charts, and is known as one of the most multifaceted talents in Nashville.  His hit “Boom! It Was Over” solidified Orrall’s sound that is reminiscent of a melodic Huey Lewis, and his catchy compositions have been covered by artists as diverse as country superstars DIAMOND RIO, REBA MCENTIRE and RICKY SKAGGS to France’s ROCH VOISINE, latin artist PATTI MONTEROLA, and pop artist OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN.  Riding high with film and soundtrack hits “Ultimate” (recorded by LINDSAY LOHAN for the film “FREAKY FRIDAY”) and “Summertime Guys” (recorded by NIKKI CLEARY for the Disney film “KIM POSSIBLE”), Orrall has been busy producing the new pop project MONKEY BOWL, England’s SOMETHING JONES, 17-year-old pop female LINDSI WEAVER, and modern rock breakout band BE YOUR OWN PET, all for the hip Internet label INFINITY CAT.  BME is representing Orrall’s new creative works, licensing the masters for film and television uses, and developing project opportunities for him. (Masters Controlled; Publishing Coordinated)  Back to Top

Cedric Samson (Client - Songwriter, Producer, Vocal Arranger)

GRAMMY-nominated Cedric Samson was recently called upon by PHIL RAMONE to write and produce tracks for the AIDS benefit album “Songs For Life,” producing artists MIRIAM MAKEBA, PATTI LABELLE, JUDY COLLINS, BILLY GILMAN and the HARLEM BOYS CHOIR.  His work as a producer/writer with world-renowned stars such as HUGH MASEKELA, Miriam Makeba and JOHNNY CLEGG has brought him acclaim in the pop, rock and world music markets, and his scoring for films such as the SIDNEY POITIER starrer “MANDELA AND DE KLERK” has allowed his prowess as a musician, composer and arranger to shine.  South Africa-based Samson’s forte for vocal arranging has been recently utilized by the likes of ALICIA KEYS and DAVID FOSTER.  BME is administering and representing Samson’s catalogue, while developing new production and songwriting opportunities with new artist and film projects. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

The Scoldees (Client – Artist, Songwriter)

From “THE HOWARD STERN SHOW” to the KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL, The Scoldees have crafted a mix of Folk/Pop that brings the styles of Edie Brickell and Fleetwood Mac smack into 2006.  Along with performing on bills with the likes of NANCY WILSON, JOHN SEBASTIAN and DAN HICKS, the band’s NANCY SIRIANNI and JACK HOFFMAN have honed their craft towards creating radio friendly hits (currently multi-format play on over 250 stations) with unique Greenwich Village appeal.  With two successful albums in release, and a number of film and television licenses under their belt, The Scoldees have chosen BME to represent them exclusively in the synchronized use arena, and are already creating music for a number of television projects while recording music for their upcoming third CD.  (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Slaughter / Mark Slaughter (Client - Songwriter, Artist)

As the founder, frontman and songwriter for the seminal rock band of the early 1990’s – Slaughter – Mark Slaughter brought a unique musical sensibility to the land of hair bands and hard rock.  Selling millions of album, with rock standards such as “UP ALL NIGHT” and “FLY TO THE ANGELS,” as well as composing music for films such as the theme to “BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY,” Slaughter has become known as much for his songwriting and production as for his rocking performances.  With the band enjoying a string of highly successful North American concert dates during the past year, Mark's prolific creativity expanded into such diverse worlds as creating new sports music cues for FOX SPORTS, composing/producing jingles such as his new theme for ALADDIN HOTELS and CASINOS, work in animation as a songwriter, composer and voice-over artist, developing a new generation of young rock artists such as STEREOFUSE, and creating music for various films. SLAUGHTER, the only band of its genre to do its own songwriting, performance and production for its albums, is about to hit the studio for a highly anticipated new album release.  When you need the real deal – authentic rock and rock music – BME and Mark Slaughter are ready to bring it to you.  (New Masters & Publishing Controlled; Past Masters/Publishing Coordinated)    Back to Top

Rich Snyder (Client - Songwriter, Artist)

Rich Snyder has made his mark as a classic songwriter and creative recording artist.  Previously on United Artist Records, he is currently in the middle of his newest recording project, focusing on his unique approach to jazz recordings of classic American standards.  As a songwriter, Snyder is best known as the writer of the seminal BARBRA STREISAND title cut – “Superman,” along with a range of other recordings from artists including PAUL ANKA and DR. HOOK, as well as recent song placements in such diverse projects as the feature film thriller “XCU: Xtreme Close Up” and the television special “CMT: Greatest Road Trips.”  Snyder continues to be a force in bringing standard songwriting approaches to the Nashville musical landscape. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Jennifer Nikole Spears (Client - Songwriter, Artist)

Jennifer Nikole Spears is an 18 year old songwriter/artist who has already gained over a half-decade of experience as a professional songwriter and performer.  Live singing engagements throughout Southern California led to staff songwriter stints, first at Warner Brothers Publishing (beginning at age 12) and then BARBARA ORBISON’s Still Working Music, recently culminating in Spears’ signing to BME for both publishing and production.  Having lived in Nashville and Southern California (her current residence), as well as having traveled to New York and Europe, Spears has had the opportunity to collaborate with such renowned hit songwriters as GARY BURR, VINCE MELAMED, TINA SHAFER, RICK PALOMBI, JENNY BRUCE and others.  Her initial months with BME have seen Spears focus her songwriting efforts on her artistry, getting set to head into pre-production with producer ALAN BREWER for her upcoming recording sessions.  With the energy and spirit of artists reflected by current hitmakers like Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne, Jenn is ready to be her own unique self, based in songs that showcase the reality that is her  --  her amazing combination of creativity, confidence, perseverance and personality allows her to continue to create music and lyrics that are real, and that will touch the lives and speak to the hearts of her listeners. (Publishing & Masters Controlled) Back to Top

Rick Wakeman (Client – Artist, Composer, Producer)

Rick Wakeman is best known as the superstar keyboard wizard of the progressive rock band YES.  He has also found success in his unique solo albums, such as “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” and “The Myths and Legends of King Arthur,” which mixed rock songwriting and production, classical scoring and chamber music, utilizing a rock ensemble, the LONDON SYMPHONY and LONDON CHAMBER CHOIR.  Wakeman, whose career has also encompassed recording with artists such as BLACK SABBATH, AL STEWART and DAVID BOWIE, is currently enjoying dual success, touring to support both his new solo release (Out There – by Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Ensemble) and a rejuvenated Yes, which just completed a sold-out world tour celebrating the band’s 35th anniversary and will soon be recording a highly anticipated new studio album.  Combining his rock experiences and his formal training in classical piano and orchestration, Wakeman has also been heavily involved in film scoring and soundtrack production, including the historic Winter Olympics “WHITE ROCK” projects, “CREEPSHOW 2,” “THE BURNING,” KEN RUSSELL’s “CRIMES OF PASSION” and “LISZTOMANIA,” and the MICHAEL CAIN starrer “MIDNIGHT IN ST. PETERSBURG.”  Wakeman’s work in television ranges from his personal appearances on many UK based reality shows to his recently completed production of a new sports-oriented rock CD for the FOX SPORTS music library.  BME is representing Wakeman for scoring, producing, songwriting and licensing opportunities for film and TV. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Narada Michael Walden (Client - Songwriter, Producer, Artist)

With a string of #1 hits from artists ranging from WHITNEY HOUSTON to MARIAH CAREY, ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL to STARSHIP….. with GRAMMY AWARDS for Producer of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year, Emmy Awards and ACADEMY AWARD nomination..... Narada Michael Walden has claimed his place among the elite of all-time music producers and songwriters.  His current work includes productions on artists as diverse as LATOYA LONDON, WYNONNA and Egypt’s HAKIM, songwriting with rock artists EDWIN McCAIN and ROBBIE WILLIAMS, and projects for various charitable causes (including the Breast Cancer Society, Leukemia Society, and the Rainforest Foundation).  Along with building new stars (TEVIN CAMPBELL, SHANICE, DTB) and working with superstars (JEFF BECK, LEVEL 42, STEVE WINWOOD), he is placing a renewed emphasis on Film and Television music production and composition (he has been instrumental in major soundtracks such as “THE BODYGUARD” and “STUART LITTLE”).  (Publishing - controlled or coordinated)     Back to Top

Joe Wolfe (Client - Songwriter, Producer, Programmer, Artist)

The multifaceted Wolfe brings his skills as a songwriter, producer, programmer, and artist to his work. He recently received worldwide acclaim as a writer and producer for LIONEL RITCHIE (including co-writing/co-producing the hit “Cinderella”) and produced live mixes for the ROLLING STONES performance at the Toronto SARS benefit.  Wolfe is currently on tour as the keyboard programmer for EARTH, WIND & FIRE, which follows past tours with the likes of ERIC CLAPTON and PHIL COLLINS.  In addition to his songwriting and production for other artists, he has released his own jazz albums (via his L.A. JAZZ SYNDICATE), just released his newest urban/dance/electro album under the moniker URBAN NOMAD and has composed and written songs on TV and film projects, such as “SOUTH CENTRAL,” “FAKIN’ DA FUNK,” and “THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW.”  Wolfe most recently scored the award-winning short film “LAST NIGHT WITH ANGEL,” and secured song placements in the USA CABLE NETWORK/SCI-FI CHANNEL films “BUGS” and “THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN.”  BME is representing Wolfe’s catalogues for music licensing, and Wolfe for new opportunities in artist and film music productions. (Publishing & Masters Controlled)     Back to Top

Labels - Publishers

Cala Records  (Client - Record Label/Music Publisher – Classical)

Cala Records, a U.K. based classical music record label, was launched in 1991 by internationally renowned conductor GEOFFREY SIMON, whose history of engagements includes the LONDON SYMPHONY, THE PHILHARMONIA, ROYAL PHILHARMONIC and ISRAEL PHILHARMONIC orchestras.  JEREMY SWERLING, whose background includes posts with the SACRAMENTO, INDIANAPOLIS, NORTH EAST TEXAS and Illinois’ DANVILLE SYMPHONY was brought in to run the U.S. operation.  Cala’s catalogue of over 100 albums spans genres from Classical and medieval chant to Baroque and Romantic and more, performed by world-class orchestras including the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI with the PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA, the NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC principals, and the unique ensembles that comprise the label’s trademark “London Sound” recordings.  Cala’s diverse repertoire of music includes classics by WAGNER, MOZART, BEETHOVEN, DEBUSSY, TCHAIKOVSKY, and DVORAK, as well as new standards by BERNSTEIN, GERSHWIN, and ELLINGTON. BME is proud to represent these spectacular recordings and arrangements, as well as the Cala talents for licensing and creative opportunities in the film, television, trailer and commercial markets.  (All Masters and Most Publishing Controlled)   Cala Records - Autumn 2004 Catalogue.pdf  Back to Top

Dynamik Music (Client - Record Label - Trance, Electronica, House)

U.K.-based Dynamik has been representing a cadre of independent record labels, artists and remixers since 1994 all at the forefront of the EUROPEAN DANCE MUSIC explosion. The styles they represent include Techno, Trance, House, and Electronica/Big Beat.  With artists and tracks from England to Holland to Germany, the company represents mixes by superstar BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, underground club faves FRISCO, ESPIONAGE, SKY BOX and many more.  Dynamik’s notable successes include signing the multi-million selling single "Children" by ROBERT MILES which stayed in the UK top 10 for an amazing 13 weeks, as well as having represented the international licensing for such names as SONIQUE ("I Put A Spell On You"), FATBOY SLIM, ROMINA JOHNSON, CHICANE ("Offshore") and LUTRICIA MCNEAL (R&B diva who scored five UK top ten hits in the mid-nineties).  Dynamik is excited to have BME bring their talent and tracks to the Film, Television and Commercial industries.  (All Masters controlled; some Publishing controlled)     Back to Top

Infinity Cat Records (Client – Record Label – Rock, Pop, Post-Punk)

Infinity Cat Records is making a national name for themselves through their aggressive support of their artists’ creative and unique visions.  The label has signed a wide array of artists, from the ROBERT ELLIS ORRALL pop productions on the bands SOMETHING JONES, MONKEY BOWL, and 17-year-old female popster LINDSI WEAVER, to Liverpool’s ANDY WEST, Chicago’s powerpunk band INVERTED, and the discordant punk-wave band THE SEX.  Excerpts about Infinity Cat from a recent article in a VILLAGE VOICE magazine rave “Few subjects are off-limits…..;  …a vibrant clutter of vintage amps…..and pasted scraps of pop-culture flotsam…..; …some of the city’s most intriguing underground art.”  All this refers to musical choices that range from Monkey Bowl’s national hit “AL GORE” (which features the ex-VP himself!) to the techno/noise group SNUG (which features one of the member’s guinea pig) to the highly acclaimed BE YOUR OWN PET, which is enjoying a worldwide buzz.  Marketed via the Internet and live performances, BME is bringing the infinite world of Infinity Cat to the creative worlds of Hollywood and beyond. (All Masters & Most Publishing Controlled)     Back to Top

Sonic Voodoo Music (Client – Record Label & Music Publisher)

Owned by RALPH HEMECKER as a subsidiary of his MYTHIC FILMS production company, Sonic Voodoo is working with talented artists discovered by Hemecker, whose vision is to find commercially viable artists based in creative integrity…  artists whose rock and pop stylings find instant connection to today’s audiences.  The label’s debut release by Toronto’s CORMAC CLEARY, is a contemporary work that stands up along today’s rock icons, as mentioned in a recent review by SUMM Magazine: “With captivating melodies along the lines of COLDPLAY and stage presence along the lines of RADIOHEAD, Cormac demands to be both seen and heard.”  Cormac has already had multiple songs used in the worldwide television hit “WITCHBLADE”, including his original composition “PHOBIA” and his cover of the ALVIN LEE classic “I’D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD,” and debuted as an actor (role of a…rock musician!) in one episode.  The CD “CORMAC” is already making the Hollywood rounds, concurrent with the buzz that is being heard around the world.  BME is happy to be administering Sonic Voodoo Music and helping to get Cormac and Hemecker’s new discoveries to the ears of industry tastemakers. (All Masters & Publishing Controlled)     Back to Top

Film/TV Production

City Productions Music (Client – Film Production/Music Supervision)

Australian-based City Productions Music (“CPM”), headed by PAUL MASON, is a spin-off company from one of the most successful film production companies down under – CITY PRODUCTIONS.  City Productions is the production entity for ANDEW MASON, whose credits include Executive Producer on THE MATRIX, KANGAROO JACK, SCOOBY DOO, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and others.  A visual effects specialist, Andrew Mason worked on THE CROW and NAVIGATOR and moved into production on DARK CITY, the recent LIONS GATE release DANNY DECKCHAIR, and the upcoming Screen Gems film THE CAVE.  Paul Mason is at the forefront of the Australian music industry, working as the Manager for an artist/radio assistance project for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.  In this post, Paul has access to all of the continent’s artists, including major and independent, established and new.  This access, and the production understanding gained by the association between the companies, gives City Productions Music a unique place in developing film/soundtrack opportunities in Australia, or with Australian artists.  CPM’s initial project was Danny Deckchair, helping to secure songs for the projects, coordinate the score composition, and working on special licensing deals with various artists.  BME and CPM have dubbed their relationship a “pacific alliance” – working together to build new joint opportunities in music supervision as well as to cross-market music from each company to the other’s territories. Back to Top

Cloudland Filmworks (Client – Television/Film Production Company)

Cloudland is the film and video production company owned by award-winning director/producer THOM OLIPHANT.  Oliphant’s music video work has helped change the face of country music, with groundbreaking videos such as the DIXIE CHICKS’ “Wide Open Spaces” and MARTINA McBRIDE’s “Wild Angels.”  In 1999 alone, Oliphant had 35 music videos on CMT (fifteen of which hit #1), and was named Country Music Television’s Director of the Year.  Along with a long list of hit videos in this genre (JO DEE MESSINA, PATTY LOVELESS, DOLLY PARTON, PAT GREEN, KEITH URBAN), Oliphant has also scored with VH-1’s number seven video of all-time – DUNCAN SHEIK’s “Barely Breathing,” and videos by artists including BB KING, TRACY CHAPMAN, AMY GRANT and BRIAN MCKNIGHT.  Expansion into other production areas has garnered Oliphant and Cloudland Filmworks multiple Addie Awards, Telly awards, and the advertising industry’s highest honor, the Golden Clio Award, and commercial productions for top international agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Saatchi and Saatchi, and Leo Burnett USA.  Oliphant is fast becoming known in Los Angeles for films that highlight special viewpoints of the music industry, including: “This Moment in Country” - exploring this genre’s worldwide reach, “Star” - which follows a TIM McGRAW tour, Canada’s “Project Discovery,” 26 episodes of Tribune Broadcasting’s “The Road,” and NATALIE MERCHANT: LIVE ON BROADWAY, which included a concert film, Lifetime TV special and DVD production.  Oliphant most recently completed the Universal Pictures film “ALIVE AT BRUSHY MOUNTAIN” and a series of one-hour television specials for VIACOM/CMT.  BME is consulting to Cloudland in all music related matters, and is providing music supervision services for their film and television projects.     Back to Top

Crystal Lake Entertainment (Client - Film Production Company)

This LA-based film production company is owned by famed director/producer SEAN CUNNINGHAM, and is best known as the home of Jason (of “FRIDAY 13th” fame).  Being responsible for many of the Friday 13th films, Cunningham has also had successes with a range of projects, merging cult and genre-specific fare with commercial viability, including involvement in “SPRING BREAK,” “DEEP STAR SIX” and more.  Crystal Lake recently completed “TERMINAL INVASION,” which aired on the SCI-FI NETWORK, and the suspense thriller “EXTREME CLOSE-UP,” which is finalizing distribution, in addition to working with WES CRAVEN as the Producer on the recent New Line box-office smash “FREDDIE VS. JASON” feature film.  BME serves as Music Consultant and Music Supervisor for Crystal Lake and its production projects. Back to Top

Mythic Films (Client - Film Production Company, Record Label subsidiary)

Through his Mythic Films production company, RALPH HEMECKER has become one of the most unique multi-talents in Hollywood:  Director, Producer, Writer and Businessman, with success in both film and television.  From a stint at Miramax during the early days of the company to steady work as a director of commercials and on-air promos, the FOX Network tapped him to direct episodes of its top rated shows “X-FILES” and “MILLENNIUM.”  Honing his style through his work on pilots such as the HEATH LEDGER starrer “ROAR,” MTV’s “DEAD AT 21,” USA Network’s hit “PACIFIC BLUE,” and the ORION PICTURE film “AMERICAN DRAGONS,” Hemecker was called upon by executive producers OLIVER STONE and DAN HALSTED to direct the TV movie “WITCHBLADE.”  The TNT/WB film hit cult status, and Hemecker was hired as the showrunner/exec producer/writer of the “WITCHBLADE” television series, which has gone on to unprecedented worldwide success.  This success allowed Hemecker to follow his passion of music  --  music  --  launching his new record label/music publishing venture SONIC VOODOO as a vehicle to synergize his film/television projects with new artists to cross-market the music to a wide audience.  The label’s debut artist, rocker CORMAC CLEARY, has just released his eponymously named CD in February 2004.  Hemecker has wrapped production/direction on the WB pilot “CHASING ALICE,” has multiple scripts in development at different film studios, and was just contracted to direct a new feature film for Lions Gate Films. BME serves as Music Consultant and Music Supervisor Ralph Hemecker and Mythic Films. Back to Top